1.1. Only legal sites are accepted on Trafficano

1.2. Spam is not allowed for your own link on Trafficano

1.3. We delete any ads that redirects to another sites

1.4. An adult sites are not accepted at all

1.5. We can change your link 2 times as you request


2.1. We accept valid clicks only " Robots , Or any other programmes it may make your account banned "

2.2. We send money to our promoters every 30 of the month

2.3. Cheating is not accepted with banners or clicks at all , if we noticed so banning your account is going to be first action


3.1. Any bad words from the user in support tickets it's going to make his account banned , Respecting our staff is required

3.2. We will answer your ticked within 24 hour

Refund policy

4.1. Trafficano is required to send money back to the user if the user doesn't have any clicks to his link or banner after his order

4.2. We send money back to any user if the user got an error of displaying his Advertisement